Compliance. Accountability. Results.


We recognize that any great service organization must have exceptional people and systems. In today’s competitive environment you simply cannot have one without the other. We developed our internal systems and procedures from scratch. Many of these systems are in direct contrast to how our competitors operate. Our systems and procedures were developed with three goals in mind:

  1. Maintain compliance with state and federal laws.
  2. Unlock the full potential of each employee and hold them accountable to each client.
  3. Deliver exceptional results at a great value.

Some of our systems and procedures are very simple and can be easily shared. For example, with the exception of Bankruptcy, our attorneys manage their cases from cradle to grave. This increases accountability as there is no one else to blame for delays or mistakes. It also increases the likelihood of settlement as the same attorney has likely had multiple contacts with the borrower and/or opposing counsel. Lender Legal attorneys also manage far fewer cases than other creditor rights firms in Florida. Our belief is that fewer cases and a variety of work leads to happier and more well-rounded employees who are more likely to reach their full potential.

Many of the systems and procedures we have implemented are proprietary and cannot be shared with the world. We encourage you to visit our office in Orlando, Florida to see how our low tech and high tech systems enable us to deliver results far superior to our competitors.

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Lender Legal Services, LLC
A great service organization must have exceptional people and systems. We have both.