Proper execution of foreclosures is critical to the effective operation of lenders and servicers that are holding delinquent mortgages. The process can be complicated. Errors in the process can cause costly delays that can create challenges in individual cases and impact operations overall.

Banks and other financial institutions are often required to comply with certain timelines and industry standards. The attorneys of Lender Legal Services, LLC, offer comprehensive representation to clients in need of efficient and effective foreclosure operations that adhere to the foreclosure process timelines, laws and that meet client and industry compliance requirements.

Our firm is technologically and substantively at the forefront of foreclosure representation. We have the People and Systems to be able to fully meet our clients’ foreclosure needs.

We offer our foreclosure services clients a number of advantages, including:

  • Unsurpassed knowledge base
  • Utilization of the latest legal technology to manage our cases and ensure all points on the relevant timelines are met
  • Robust training programs that provide our attorneys and all levels of staff with the knowledge and experience they need to create positive results for our clients


Our attorneys have substantial federal court experience in handling bankruptcy matters. For creditors seeking to protect their accounts from liquidation or any impairment in value, it is vital to secure skilled representatives who understand your interests and how to advocate for them through the most effective available means. At Lender Legal Services LLC, we offer our clients representation which is backed by the depth of experience that our clients need.

We are focused solely on protecting creditors' rights in the bankruptcy process. Our firm has the professionalism, experience, talent and skill to offer our clients the protection in the bankruptcy process that they deserve. We stay on the forefront of developments in bankruptcy law and legal technology to ensure that our clients’ interests are receiving the most sophisticated and effective advocacy.

We assist creditors with all bankruptcy chapters handling representation issues, including:

  • Adversary complaints
  • Motions for relief from stay
  • Proofs of claim
  • Objections to the plan
  • Motions to value
  • Mortgage modification & loss mitigation mediation
  • Appeals

Litigation Service

When financial institutions are facing the possibility of litigation to protect their assets and investments, it is important to have the representation of a law firm that has the necessary default related experience as well as the experience and skill in the courtroom. It is also important that the firm you choose to protect your interests has the capacity to effectively meet your needs both in federal and state trial courts and, if necessary, on appeal.

Our firm is focused exclusively on serving the needs of creditors. We represent the interests of banks and other financial institutions that are in need of representation that will meet their litigation goals. We represent the interests of our clients in a wide range of matters, including:

  • Defending wrongful foreclosure claims

  • Defending requests to enjoin foreclosures

  • RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Protection Act)

  • Responding to consumer protection claims (Chapter 93A)

  • FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)

  • Truth in lending suits

  • Municipal code violation complaints

  • Title curative issues

Our depth of experience in all of the jurisdictions that we service and the scale of our firm allow us to offer very competitive rates without making any sacrifices on representation quality. We rely on:

  • The latest legal technology to manage our cases

  • Training programs that ensure that our attorneys and staff have mastered the processes and the law in the areas in which they practice

  • Unsurpassed knowledge in our areas of practice


REO Closings

The financial downturn and subsequent sluggish recovery has forced banks and other lending institutions to deal with substantial inventories of real estate owned (REO) or bank-owned properties. After foreclosing on a property, lenders have a strong incentive to sell these properties in an expedient manner. Working with knowledgeable legal counsel is absolutely vital in facilitating these processes. At Lender Legal Services, LLC our attorneys provide REO services to numerous national and regional lenders.

As one of Florida’s leading default servicing law firms, we have the experience and knowledge required to efficiently guide our clients through the process. Our lawyers also provide the full range of post-foreclosure services, including:

  • Preparing contracts for sale
  • Analyzing and clearing title
  • Providing general closing services

Our overarching objective in every matter is to provide cost-effective, speedy representation without sacrificing quality. In every matter, clients can rely on our skill, our attention to detail and our focus on achieving our clients’ goals as efficiently as possible.

Debt Collection

Unpaid receivables can create immediate and long-term problems for any company. If your company has been unsuccessful in its recovery efforts to date, it may be time to seek legal counsel. We provide the full range of services to commercial lenders in Florida and beyond. Our lawyers provide zealous, ethical representation while remaining mindful of our clients legal and business objectives.
In any collections matter, our primary concern is determining how to maximize our clients' recovery in the shortest possible timeframe. Our lawyers will take all appropriate steps to collect what is owed, from writing demand letters and initiating suit through judgment.

Once judgment has been taken, or if your company has already obtained a judgment, we can pursue all available post-judgment remedies. While aggressive, we are also pragmatic. In certain situations, a debtor may simply not have any assets to recover. In these situations we provide candid advice to our clients about the likelihood of future collection efforts.

Our collections practice frequently intersects with other parts of our default services practice. For instance, our lawyers may be required to seek a deficiency judgment in conjunction with foreclosure proceedings. In addition, when debtors file for bankruptcy relief, our law firm is prepared to take all steps within the law to mitigate these losses. Our Orlando commercial collection attorneys are prepared to take decisive action aimed at preserving your rights and maximizing your potential recovery.


Evicting an occupant of a foreclosed property or a tenant who is not paying rent, contains a number of legal and procedural hurdles. In Florida, each county has its own rules regarding the eviction process. Mortgage lenders and landlords must have legal counsel who understand these laws in order to properly evict an occupant. Our attorneys manage the eviction process for lenders throughout Florida. When representing landlords, our lawyers work diligently to accomplish our clients’ goals in an efficient manner.

HOA Litigation

Condominium and homeowners’ associations across Florida have made a habit of overcharging lenders excessive assessments and fees within their estoppel certificates. We have carefully crafted a special practice devoted to forcing condominium and homeowners’ associations to comply with their own covenants and Florida law.
In Florida, when a property owner acquires title at foreclosure sale or by deed in lieu of foreclosure, the new owner is jointly and severally liable with the prior unit or parcel owner for all outstanding liability owed to the governing association.  The Florida legislature, however, created an exception for foreclosing mortgagees that acquire title by foreclosure or deed in lieu of foreclosure.  This special exception is commonly referred to as “safe harbor” liability.  The safe harbor liability is often only a fraction of the prior owner’s outstanding liability owed to the condominium or homeowners’ association.

We have been at the forefront of creating new and unique legal strategies to ensure our clients pay the absolute minimum liability to condominium and homeowners associations. Since the inception of the practice, we have saved our clients millions of dollars by successfully negotiating and litigating hundreds of excessive estoppel certificates from associations all over Florida.

In Depth Guide

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